We’ve got your back.

Female Doctor Examining Acne Skin On Patient's Back With Dermatoscope

Back breakouts can be painful and unsightly. If you suffer from back acne, you are not alone. Mainly these breakouts are caused by blocked pores in your skin. While there are many causes for this condition, there are a few trusted solutions. Here are a few things you can do to keep sweat and dead skin cells from building up around the pores causing acne and breakouts.


Get a professional back treatment:

  • Cleanse and Polish: This treatment is a facial for your back. Our technician will use steam and deep-cleaning products to exfoliate your skin, in addition to using a high-frequency tool when necessary to kill bacteria. Finally, our specialist will add nutrients back into your skin to promote rejuvenation and healing.  This treatment only takes 30 minutes/ $55.  BOOK NOW: (614) 588-0550

Exfoliate at home every day:

  • Use a loofa or long-handled brush to scrub your back in the shower. We suggest using White Knight cleanser by Billy Jealousy and Liquid Sand Exfoliant. Purchase your bottle/s next time you come in for an appointment. Also, there is still time left to get your free trial pack of these excellent products with a back wax (thru March 31).
  • Also, add SKYN cleansing wipes to your daily routine! Throw in your briefcase or gym bag to keep them handy. These wipes require no water and no rinse-off. Never tacky or odd-smelling, these wipes will keep you clean while on the go.


BOOK NOW: (614) 588-0550