Tips and Tricks: Styling Techniques


Two simple tools that you probably already have are a comb and a blow dryer.  As shown in the picture, put the concentrator attachment on the end of your blow dryer to control where the air flow hits the hair. Jason, our stylist, prefers to use a comb rather than a brush for this style and many others because most brushes grab too much hair and are harder to control. Using a comb will allow maximum air flow and provide more ease of controlling where you want the hair to go. If you press the comb flat to the head as you are blowing the hair dry in the direction you want the hair to go it will keep the shape throughout the day with less effort from product. This method is often more effective on hair textures, such as thick wavy hair and unruly cowlicks, that are harder to control by reducing volume.

For Matt, our model, Jason used Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate Me shampoo and conditioner to maintain the moisture level in the hair leaving it more manageable. Jason also used Smooth Again Lotion to blow dry the hair as a control agent to coat the cuticle of the hair and keep it from getting dry and frizzy. For that finished look a small amount of Knight Rider, about the size of a chickpea, was used. It is always recommended to start with less and then add more if needed. Break down all styling creams and pastes in your hands with friction, then apply to your hair beginning at the corners to the back and then from the front to the back.

All stylists at Modern Male are happy to assist you in choosing the right products for your hair type, texture, and style. By using the right products, you will be able to streamline what is in your bathroom cabinet. Book your Ultimate Cut appointment online.

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