There’s a Par-Tee in Dublin!

It’s time to get your tickets and break out the clubs because the PGA golf tour is returning to Dublin! The Memorial Tournament, hosted and founded by Jack Nicklaus, will bring Tiger Woods and many other world-renowned golfers to Muirfield Village Golf Club. Nicklaus, a Columbus native, started the event in 1976 as a way to raise money for charity and recognize major names in the sport. As the name suggests, the tournament will begin on Memorial Day (May 27 – June 2) and will bring a lot of fun events to the community. Stay connected and pick up some tickets today by visiting: mentioned, Dublin residents will notice a boost of activity around town. One particular highlight includes Bridge Park’s tournament after-party: Fore!Fest. Fore!Fest is a street and music festival that is free to the public and runs from May 30 – June 1. Check out the music line-up and other details by clicking HERE.Gearing up for The Memorial Tournament, Modern Male would like to remind all of our athletes that preparation is key! Take the time to properly stretch with the aid of your golf club:rn


  • Hold your golf club in front of you with one hand gripping each end of the club with an overhand grip.
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  • Lift the club forward and up over your head with your elbows straight.
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  • Slowly stretch your shoulders and move your hands back as far as possible until you feel tension across the front of your shoulders.
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  • Hold for 10 to 20 seconds and release

rnIf you need a little assistance (or just want to relax) book an appointment ONLINE with us today. The Modern Male service menu includes many forms of massage therapy that will not only aid in muscular mobility but post-game recovery as well. Once you’re stretched and relaxed, don’t forget to pamper yourself with a pedicure or facial before a night on the town!