Setting the Trend

Fall Trends

Clothes, tattoos, and jewelry are all unique ways to express yourself. However, these items are not always key when it comes to fashion. In fact, your hairstyle can at times be the missing link to a distinguished look and, lucky for you, hair is Modern Male’s specialty.

Become a trend-setter this fall by trying something different. After all, the stylists at Modern Male love what they do and can help guide you in the right direction. At times, a new look can be accomplished by something as simple as trying a new product. Our model has a cocktail of Gravity Paste and Scheme Cream both by Hanz De Fuko. “Cocktailling” products can give you an entirely new finish to your hairstyle and offer versatility. So take advantage of our 10% discount when you purchase 3 products and build your own cocktail bar in your bathroom. Change it up and have some fun!

Get a head start on grooming this autumn by booking ONLINE today. Upon check-out, feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding product recommendations. As a friendly reminder, Modern Male’s product of the month is Amber Vanilla Mint Lip Balm: a fall and winter necessity that is now buy one/get one free!