Massages in Dublin Ohio

Massage Therapy in Dublin, Ohio

Modern Male in Dublin, Ohio offers a wide variety of massages that range from 30-90 minutes in length. The massages are for the full time schedule, which means if you schedule a 60-minute massage, you will get the full 60 minutes. At Modern Male, the stated length of the service is the length you’ll get! After your first massage, you will receive a pre-booking discount of 15% for your next. We believe in rewarding you for your loyalty.


Our therapists have years of experience in body work and building long-lasting results. Massage therapy has been proven to alleviate muscular tension, stress, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, digestive disorders and will improve your mobility and overall health.




Total Relaxation Massage | 60/75/90 minutes $80/$90/$105

Get ready to relax like you never thought you could! In this experience, you will be guided to let go of stress while your body is taken to a state of deep relaxation through gentle and light massage stroke techniques. Aroma therapy is used in this massage.


Therapeutic Muscular Massage | 60/75/90 minutes $85/$95/$110

Our most popular massage! The focus on this massage is on the deepest layers of the muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia. Deep pressure, kneading, and cryotherapy lotion is used to relieve chronic muscular pain, as well as stress that builds up in your body from your workouts or work/life imbalance.


Cupping Therapy | 30 minutes $45 or $30 if added to any Massage

Cupping is an alternative therapeutic method for pain reduction. Chronic pain relief is the number one reason for using this form of treatment and is performed by a certified expert. Cupping can also improve digestion, overall skin health through increased circulation and aid in relief with respiratory issues.


Muscular Mobility Massage | 75/90 minutes $85/$105

Keep your compression shorts on for this one! Our trained expert will stretch your muscle groups like you never thought possible. This massage is perfect for anyone, but especially those heading into a competition and after.


Heated Stone Massage | 75/90 minutes $95/$120

Hot stones are used to warm your muscle deep below the surface, allowing the therapist to create a stronger release of toxins stored in your muscle mass. If you are one that says massage really does nothing for me, this one is for you! This is our deepest, most therapeutic and relaxing massage all rolled up in one.


Aroma Touch | 45 minutes $65

A series of essential oils are massaged into the spine creating the most invigorating experience. The oils are layered strategically to improve spinal health. Your back never felt so great! Enjoy this treatment alone or add this to a full body massage or facial for a rejuvenating experience.


Neck/Shoulder/Upper Back | 30 minutes $55

*$30 if added to an Ultimate Cut*
A quick fix for your aching shoulders and neck.