Massages in Dublin Ohio

Massage Therapy in Dublin, Ohio

Modern Male offers a wide variety of massages that range from 30-90 minutes in length. At Modern Male, an hour massage is a full 60 minutes! And so forth. After your first massage you will receive a pre-book discount of 15% for your next. We believe in rewarding you for your loyalty. Our therapists have years of experience in body work and building long lasting results . Massage therapy has been proven to alleviate muscular tension, stress, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, digestive disorders and will improve your mobility as well as overall health. Pricing may vary.


Deep Relax Massage | 60/90/120 minutes $80/$90/$110/$130

Get ready to relax like you never thought you could! In this experience, you will be guided to let go of stress while your body is taken to a state of deep relaxation through gentle yet firm massage stroke techniques. Aroma therapy is used in this massage.

Therapeutic Muscular Massage | 60/90/120 minutes $90/$100/$120/$140

Our most popular massage! The focus on this massage is on the deepest layers of the muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia. Deep pressure, kneading, and cryotherapy lotion is used to relieve chronic muscular pain, as well as stress that builds up in your body from your workouts or work/life imbalance.

CBD Massage | 90 minutes $160

Our CBD massage is 90 minutes, starts with a CBD gummy, and ends with a CBD drink. The massage is performed by our licensed therapist with CBD infused massage cream and CBD warming muscle balm. The benefits of this massage are reducing inflammation due to strain, injury and arthritis. It also helps to reduce pain, post workout soreness and provides relaxation.