Need a stripper?

It’s time to get exotic with your shampoo and strip away the build up in your hair! After all, the combination of humidity and styling products can leave your hair feeling uncooperative throughout the summer. It is for this reason Modern Male recommends to ditch the same ol’ thong and dance for a clarifying shampoo!Clarifying shampoos are designed to remove buildup and allow the hair to reflect more light. Around this time of year, a regular shampoo will rarely remove 100% of the residue left behind from swimming in chlorine and hair products. If these residues are left untreated they build up over time resulting in hair that looks greasy and feels lifeless. A clarifying shampoo will thoroughly clean your hair while delivering a much-needed detox!The shelves at Modern Male feature a variety of choices when it comes to shampoo. If you are interested in a particular kind, our stylists always provide a hair wash after every cut. Schedule an appointment ONLINE (special is also available in-house) today and feel free to ask for a clarifying shampoo such as Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash or Men’s Science Daily Shampoo. Your stylist will also provide product recommendations based on your hair type – making sure you look good and are ready to take on the summer!