Let it Go


Let it go! This is not a new years resolution; it is our spring trend theme! Last year we noticed a lot of ‘ideas’ of what our clients wanted their hair to look like, which resulted in waiting for their hair to grow, not knowing how to deal with it in the process, and a vague picture of how it would look in the long run. We say “Let it Go” and live for the now! In the pictures above Charles was in that game of let’s grow it out and let’s see how it looks. Spring arrived, and so did a new attitude. Our stylist, Khun Som, also known as Kam took Charles to this dapper well-defined haircut without losing versatility and the appearance of length.


With the arrival of spring allow yourself to transition into a new look that is fashionable and wearable right now. All of our talented stylists are on hand to offer advice and create a style that works for you, your hair type, and lifestyle. If you are interested in building a new look when booking your next haircut simply request some extra time for a consultation. This consultation, of course, comes at no additional cost.

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