Less Is More!

So you leave Modern Male, you have a great looking hair cut, and your ‘do is styled to perfection—sounds good right? The only problem is, you can’t figure out how to style your hair the same way as your stylist the next day! The truth of the matter is, it’s all in the products, and as a rule of thumb: less is more!Over-using products, or using too many products, is a common mistake that people make daily. This generally applies to most cosmetics from face creams, eye creams, cleansers, shampoo, and everything in between. So when it comes to styling your hair, “how much product should I use?” is an excellent question to ask if you want a certain look.A dime-sized amount is great for short hair, nickel-sized for hair under three inches, and up to a quarter for hair longer than three inches (or if you want an extra tight hold). Work the product completely into your hands until there are no clumps and then here comes the trick: Apply your product from back to front, rubbing it in vigorously the whole way through – that way the product will not collect in the most visible part of your hair and make it look uneven. Want to make things interesting? You can get different styles and results with the aid of a hair dryer prior to applying product.For more tips and tricks of the trade, book an appointment ONLINE today. The stylists at Modern Male love getting creative and can help explain how to achieve certain looks. Upon check out, your stylist will make some recommendations from our favorite product lines such as Kevin Murphy and Hanz De Fuko. From matte finishes and strong holds to high shine and frizz control, Modern Male has something for everyone.