How it’s done.


We have spent that last two newsletters talking about 2017 hair trends and embracing the spirit of “Let It Go.” Now we are going to share with you how it’s done. The spring trend cut showcased previously is extremely versatile. The trick is using the right products and getting adventurous in how you use them.


We sometimes hear comments such as “my hair never looks as great at home as when you do it.” To achieve a salon level style, start with the right shampoo. For Charles, the client featured in the photos, we selected Normal Person’s Shampoo by EVO. It is recommended for daily use and removes any product residue… BOOM.


Now, don’t be afraid to get the blow dryer out. Before doing so, Khun sprayed the hair with Hero’s Conditioning Control Spray. This spray keeps the hair from getting large and fuzzy – a critical detail to the final look. Without letting the hair get completely dry, Khun then applied Crop Strutters by Evo to add texture and set the finished look.


In the spirit of ‘letting go,’ it’s time to let go of the products that do not serve you. Bring in your shampoo/conditioner/paste to trade up for not just better products, but the right products for you. We will take 10% off individually, or if you buy three new products we will take 20% off! Offer valid through May 1, 2017.

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