Fall 2015, Classics Reinvented

With fall approaching, it is time to start gearing up with the new trends in men’s hair and some classic outer wear selections for 2015. This fall is all about bringing comfort and classic together while blending in a modern twist with sophistication. Modern Male has paired up with wardrobe stylist, Stephen Jordan, to bring you what is hot for men this fall.Men’s hair this fall offers a natural, softer appearance. It is time to let the shelf fill in and build some fullness on the sides. Parts are still relevant and keeping styles leaning post depression trends bringing back elegance and style for men. This style also creates versatility for those days you want to add some texture and let the locks flow. Building a classic hair style must start with a solid haircut, allowing your features, cowlicks, hair type and texture to flourish. Then we will select just the right product to keep your hair looking great without pasting it down or a lot of effort.For men’s outer wear, layers are here so read on for Stephen’s tips on stepping up your layering game.The quilted vest – make sure it’s a nice fit, not too bulky. I like to wear mine over a button down, sweater and jeans for a casual look. For the more daring of you, try wearing your vest over a jacket or blazer. Sometimes an overcoat is a bit too warm and uncomfortable over your jackets and suiting; the vest is good alternative. It’s easier to get on and off and when done right, it looks very cool.The bomber jacket – try a dark shade like black, navy, olive, or charcoal. Similar to the vest, this piece can be worn casual with a tee and jeans but can be dressed up paired over a blazer. This can be a tough look to pull off but when done right is very sharp.Fishtail Parka – I like the traditional army green myself. Since this is a top layer it is okay if the fit is a bit more roomy. There’s typically a drawstring waist to tailor it in when needed. This thing looks great over EVERYTHING. I wear mine with a tailored suit and boots for a funky suiting look.Although these pieces are classic and possibly already in your wardrobe, this fall try wearing them a bit different than you have before. I love to reinvent classic wardrobe staples by changing up the way I’ve been wearing them. These tips should help you get started.stepehnStephen Jordan Styliststephen@stephenjordanstylist.comhttp://www.stephen-jordan-fmxn.squarespace.com/about-me/