Classic meets Modern


Our spring hair trends continue by bringing a professional edge to classic lines. Our Master Designer, Jason Schaible, was inspired with the likes of James Dean from the past and Jon Hamm who plays Madmen’s Don Draper from the present. As the weather continues to heat up in Central Ohio, Jason noticed many clients wanting to let go of their winter coat. With that in mind, he sculpted our model’s hair to bring a masculine and modern yet vintage shape. We kept the beard intact but provided a fade around the edges to create a more contemporary and trendy finish to this look.

Perhaps it may be time to make some minor or major adjustments in your hairstyle. If so, all of our talented stylists are on hand to offer advice and create a style that works for you, your hair type, and lifestyle. If you are interested in building a new look, request some extra time with your stylist for a consultation when booking your next appointment. Of course, the consultation comes at no additional cost.

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