Calling all Zombies!

Halloween Make-up Specialist

Boo! It’s almost Halloween and Modern Male is going to help you look the part! Regardless if you’re taking the kids Trick-Or-Treating, heading to a party, or attending Dublin’s Halloween Spooktacular, our staff is here to make your costume one to remember!One way to make your outfit stand out more is through the application of make-up. Whether you’re going for scary, weird, realistic, or funny, Modern Male’s esthetician can bring your zombie fantasies to life. Through the use of liquid latex and cosmetic effects, we can apply scars, blood, or any other creepy wound that your imagination can muster up. Need more than make-up to look the part? No worries! Book an appointment ONLINE for a hair cut to compliment your costume (then we can REALLY up the WOW factor!).All make-up appointments must be made by phone (614-588-0550) due to its complex nature. Trick-Or-Treating in Dublin will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 31st from 6-8 P.M. Happy Halloween!