Conditioning you for greatness

Whether you have recently changed your hairstyle, or you have been sporting the same cut for years, you should consider reexamining your hair products. Your hair and hairstyle has probably changed over the years and it is time to reevaluate your products. Your haircare professional at Modern Male is schooled to assist you in reaching your ultimate look.rn

Invest in your Style. Have you been battling fluffy hair? It may be because your shampoo is too high in PH, meaning it is too high in alkaline. Or are…

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Ready. Set. Run.

The Columbus Marathon and Half-Marathon are just a few weeks away. You have been following your training schedule and have made great progress toward your goals. By now, you have certainly felt the strain of training on your body. Luckily, our treatments are designed to help you recover quicker and help prevent future injuries.rn

Before the Marathon. Massages can be extremely helpful during periods of heavy training. Consider getting a massage as you reach personal mileage records, faster times, and especially when ramping up for a marathon. Not…

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Put your best foot forward

You are good about keeping up with haircuts, you shave regularly, and you have even gotten a few massages this year. Yet, you may be skipping out on a truly beneficial service – a pedicure. Beyond feeling like a new man, there are a number of benefits to getting a pedicure to improve the wellbeing of your feet.rn

Maintain your healthy feet. We are proud to announce we are now carrying Gehwol Fusskraft Hydrolipid Lotion to prolong the results of your pedicure. Gehwol is a superior brand in…

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Spa Day Giveaway!

Free Spa Day! Every man deserves a day to reset, relax, and enjoy some of the finer things in life. We are excited to be giving away an exclusive spa day package to a lucky modern male. Receive a 75 minute Deep Relaxation Massage, Revitalizing Facial, Executive Man-icure, and an Ultimate Hair Cut (a $250 value) — All you have to do is like and share the post below on Facebook. Good luck to all! rn

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Stay cool with these fall hair trends

While we may have a hard time letting go of all the adventures of summer, we should embrace the change that comes with fall. Football returns, kids head back to school, and we begin to focus on the upcoming holiday season. This is a great time to consider a change of your own, namely your hair style. Need some ideas? Keep reading.
Embrace your natural flow. Men can pull off long hair just as well as women. Whether your hair is wavy, curly or straight, you…

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Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

The 2016 US Open Tennis Championship is underway in New York City, and we can’t help but notice how physically demanding the sport is. Whether you are an avid player or only dabble in tennis, you are likely to experience the physical strain all the same. At Modern Male, we can support you off the court to improve your next match as well as minimize the wear and tear on your body. Our massage therapists will target and customize your treatment to meet your needs.rn

No Pain, All…

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School is here! Dads, have a beer.

You have had a summer full of barbecues, pool parties, and road trips. Your family will never forget all the fun they had this summer, but it sure has taken a toll on your mind and body. Now that school is back in session, you deserve some long overdue R&R. At Modern Male, anytime you book a service, you have access to all the perks.rn

Crack a Cold One. Wind down before or after your service with a cold beverage. We have a variety of beer and wine…

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We now offer cupping services!

You can now come to Modern Male for yet another wellness opportunity. We are proud to announce we have added cupping to our menu of services. Our practitioner is trained and certified in cupping and looks forward to serving you in achieving the wellness results and relief you desire.rn

Pain reduction. Through many clinical studies, cupping has been found to reduce pain through natural means. Many experience relief in joints as well as lower back. By targeting specific regions as well as deep tissue, cupping is able to…

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Skin in the game.

The U.S. Senior Open is in full swing here in central Ohio. Avid golfer or not, you may be experiencing some of the same wear and tear on your skin as many who play the game. Being outside for long periods of time can cause premature aging, skin issues, and even cancer.rn

Top specialists. Our skin care professionals are trained and certified. They know exactly what your skin needs in order to be in top condition. Although they are not dermatologists, they may be able to point out…

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