Happy National Beer Day!

Did you know that Modern Male has a liquor license? That’s right. We take relaxation seriously – your experience gets to be full service, including a drink to take the edge off.Today, we are celebrating National Beer Day. Recognized nationwide among beer enthusiasts, April 7th marks the day in 1933, the first day in 13 years, that people could legally buy, sell, and drink beer. #nationalbeerdaySo thank your forefathers and come in for a cold brew alongside a wax, massage, manicure, or haircut today!rn


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We’ve reached 1,000!

 Our community is growing, and thanks to you we’ve hit a major benchmark of 1,000 followers on Facebook! If you haven’t already, follow us on our social media channels to tune into offers, grooming and wellness tips, seasonal specials, trending styles, and much more.rnfacebook Like us on Facebook

Routine: once is not enough

Your skincare routine is important to your health and your looks. Taking care of your skin only every once in a while doesn’t work. Like going to the gym, skincare is a routine. Three steps should be taken every day in the morning and at night:rn

Cleanse. Washing your face once or even twice a day will remove impurities from your skin and prevent troublesome bumps, pimples, blackheads and other skin issues.

Exfoliate. We shed millions of skin cells everyday, but removing that skin completely takes some…

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Spine holding you back?

Is your spine health holding you back from being at your best? At Modern Male, we know the key to a confident, healthy and productive man is his core. Here are tips to support you in standing and sitting with confidence and ease.rn

Stretch at work. Especially if you spend the majority of your day behind a computer screen, take breaks at least every 30 minutes to move your body, grab some water, and do a few back and body stretches. You will also find that this helps…

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Mr. Miyagi says…

Wax on. Wax off. It’s that time of year and Spring Break is around the corner. Modern Male is here to support you in looking and feeling your best. Plan to play and relax in the sun? Our waxing specialists will get you in top shape with minimized discomfort. Here is what makes the Modern Male waxing experience a cut above the rest, alongside some tips.rn

The benefits. Waxing lasts 6-10 weeks and over time with regular waxing hair can become less dense and softer making it easier…

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Presentation requires more than a PowerPoint

Preparing for your next presentation takes more than a well designed PowerPoint. We’ve curated a few best practices to support you in your next business meeting or interview. Follow these simple tasks to ensure that your next presentation is impactful, powerful and reflects the very best of what you have to offer.rn

Choose your clothes ahead of time. Put on your outfit and ensure that it is well pressed, no buttons are missing and there are no stains or loose threads. Put your entire outfit out the night…

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Don’t Fear The Wine List

Avoid the confusion with the dreaded wine listSo you’re out to dinner at a swanky new eatery, entertaining clients or simply enjoying time with friends. The ten page wine list has landed in front of you, and as the host, you are tasked with choosing a bottle for the table. Even the most seasoned oenophile may start shaking in their boots when put on the spot, but remain calm. Here are some pointers from restaurant industry experts to guide you through the process.

Movember Movement

Just in case you have not heard there is a big movement on for the month of November to build awareness of prostate cancer and has expanded to helping in the research and cure of testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity in men. The Movember Foundation is a global charity committed to helping men live happier, healthier, longer lives. Since 2003, millions have joined the men’s health movement raising $650 million and funding over 1000 programs. As part of this movement and awareness men grow facial hair, in…

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Fall 2015, Classics Reinvented

With fall approaching, it is time to start gearing up with the new trends in men’s hair and some classic outer wear selections for 2015. This fall is all about bringing comfort and classic together while blending in a modern twist with sophistication. Modern Male has paired up with wardrobe stylist, Stephen Jordan, to bring you what is hot for men this fall.Men’s hair this fall offers a natural, softer appearance. It is time to let the shelf fill in and build some fullness on the sides. Parts are…

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