Summer is upon us and the courses are looking better than ever. In honor of the Memorial Golf Tournament, we are focused on ways to support the novice and professional golfer in improving performance on and off the course.rn

A full body exercise. Golf may seem like little movement is involved to the unassuming bystander, but golfers know that it takes full body strength and movement to develop a good stroke of the club. And those who fail to notice this, may find themselves with unnecessary pain and bad…

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Don’t let grey stand in your way.

Powerful people know how to utilize all the tools around them to get the job done in excellence. Well, at Modern Male, we do the same thing. Don’t let a little grey stand in your way. Be the confident, proud, and powerful man you are. With a little Modern Male touch, you can trim off a few years with our custom color services designed for the debonaire man:rn

Our little secret. Want to get rid of pesky grey hair, but don’t want to show up to work to…

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Graduation is upon us, and whether you have a grad at home, or are the graduate, there are many shifts on the horizon. Set yourself up for success by following these tips as you are interviewing potential employees, or you are being interviewed yourself:rn

Clothing. For an interview or business meeting, wear a two piece suit in black, dark grey, or navy with a conservative long-sleeved button down shirt, such as white, blue, or a conservative pattern. Ties should be of good quality, and provide only a pop…

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THE DAILY REPORTER: Dublin’s Modern Male Spa a relaxing place where men can get a haircut and a beer

May 10, 2016 | The Daily ReporterWhether you’re a lawyer, businessman or just want pampered, Modern Male Spa in Dublin will cater to all men’s wants and needs — including alcohol.“It kind of resonated in me that men’s haircuts were limited in choice and there weren’t many places that focused on them getting a crafted, detailed haircut and it became one of my visions to focus on that portion, that niche of the business,” said Brenda Kocak, owner of Modern Male, which opened in 2003.Read more from…

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Looking polished without polish

First impressions are everything. In business, hand shakes can create initial and lasting impressions of how you show up to others. Set yourself up for success with this week’s MM tips:rn

Stand when you go to shake hands. Don’t make the mistake of extending a shake while seated. Out of respect and courtesy, always stand. Traditionally, the person of higher rank should offer the handshake first and both parties should rise and shake, then be seated.

Take care of your nails. Your handshake reveals a great deal about…

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Modern Male is growing! Apply to be a stylist today.

Have you ever dreamed about that perfect job? Want to join an incredible team of fun, no drama, inspiring, positive people? The kind of job that does not seem like work? Well, look no further! Modern Male has been the #1 Men’s Salon and Spa in Ohio for the past 12 years. With an established and growing clientele you will be able to build your career on the fast track. Call 614-588-0550 for a tour, meet and greet our amazing team and learn more about building a fulfilling career….

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The most interesting man in the world.

 This week, Modern Male is saying goodbye to the most interesting man in the world and celebrating Cinco de Mayo in style with half off Dos Equis beer. That’s right, if you didn’t know, Modern Male has a liquor license! Come on in anytime this week and get $2 Dos Equis beer to be enjoyed in our lounge area. Come on in for a clean up, massage, or whatever else you may need to get that stride back in your step. Here are three fun facts in celebration of…

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Looking your best, by the best

 You deserve the best. It’s that simple. And at Modern Male, we deliver just that. As a Modern Male client, you are receiving one of the best haircuts around the globe – and we can prove it.This spring, we are proud to be contenders in a global hair styling competition put on by American Crew. Our model for the competition, former Ohio State football player and client Justin Zwick, is sporting the look of what it means to be a Modern Male: dapper, sleek, debonaire, powerful, and refined.Every man…

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Old mug.

 If you are one who finds that his 5 o’clock shadow appears much earlier than 5 pm, or you simply are tired of ingrown hairs or dried out skin after shaving, we have a solution for you. The badger hair shaving brush is not just for those reviving past decades. It is an essential piece of a dapper man’s shaving routine that renders results that no new high-tech razor can create. Here are the three benefits a man receives when he adds a badger brush to his shaving routine:rnRead More