Treats and treatment.

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Purchasing and using a product is just as much of a treat as it can be treatment. Many men opt to skip applying product to their hair and rely solely on haircuts to create their look. Unless you have a basic buzzed or bald head, you are making a mistake. The use of product not only supports you in looking suave all day long, but some may even protect from sun damage, breakage, and losing hair pigmentation.

Consult with your stylist. Come on in for your next cut and have a free consultation with your stylist about our wide array of product options, including shampoos, styling creams and sprays, corrective serums and more. Schedule your appointment now.

Step by step perfection. The best styles are ones that use various products throughout the styling process. The model featured above used Kevin Murphy Balancing Wash shampoo, Hair Resort spray to blow dry, and then Easy Rider cream hold to finish. This layered approach creates the look and ensures a lasting dashing style that is bound to have everyone rubber necking to see you. Book your appointment now.

Treat yourself. We are proud to support you in finding new styling options and solutions based on your hair texture and personal flare. Part of our role is also to support you in your wellness. If you are seeing sunspots on your scalp or easily burn, we will work with you to provide products that will lessen sun damage. If you are finding that your hair breaks easily or you are losing hair more rapidly, we also have products that can support you in repairing and strengthening your hair as well as slow down hair loss. So treat yourself on your next visit to some products that will keep you looking and feeling good all day long for years to come. Schedule your appointment now.

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