To Beard Or Not To Beard


There was no time in history when beards were more prevalent compared to now than the Victorian Era. This was the first period in time when beards became a fashion statement. As the Victorian Era progressed so did the beards with many different shapes, some sporting bushy sides and shaven chins, some lengthy and out of control while others were short and coiffed. Nonetheless beards in this era were looked upon as a sign of manliness.


Today is much like the Victorian Era in the fact that the beardsmen revolution seems to be focused on authenticity. A beard is a man’s way of showing the world and society who they are at the risk of any virtual cost or investment. A beard really is a man’s cheapest accessory.


The beard has long held cultural, spiritual and ethnic significance. Great men, such as Da Vinci, Lincoln and of course Jesus, had them. So did some bad/evil men like Bin Laden, Castro and Ghengis Khan. Society is conflicted about beards. We are unsure if the wearer has something to hide that is why you rarely see politicians and news anchors sporting a beard.


Beards have also been an integral part of a man’s religious identity. Many strict Jewish men uphold the honor of a beard without cutting the edges. Amish men grow a beard as a symbol of marriage. While a young “prince” who is seeking to follow Buddha shaves his head and face as a sign of humility.


It is evident that beards have become more and more acceptable in business and society. Beards offer individualism and professional freedom. If you choose to sport a beard wear it proudly.


On average a man’s beard will grow 5 inches a year, the average man has 30,000 whiskers, 33% of males have facial hair and the average moustache will trap a pint and a half of beer every year.


Caring for your beard is paramount. The follicles are essentially trapped behind that coarse mound of facial hair. Scrubbing with a proper cleanser and brushing will keep the dander at bay. Always finish with a few drops of Modern Male Beard Oil enriched with Argan Oil for softness and Oud for that irresistible scent.