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There is no room for inefficiency in 2015. Every song needs a hook, every color has to pop, and every video must be viral. You have 140 characters to convince me that you’re worth my precious time, or else you’re dead to me. This ultra-efficient, over-stimulated culture has inadvertently forced advertising agencies to take a drastically different approach to their craft, and the way these companies have adapted speaks directly to the character of their business.


Insurance agencies have quickly realized the best way to sell you their insurance is to make you laugh the hardest, or to have the most recognizable mascot. Certain food companies have discovered that the way to our hearts is to insist that theirs is the most organic, sustainable, and responsibly sourced product out there.


Women don’t actually flock to men wearing Axe body spray, and no one gets excited if you show up to the party with a bag of Taco Bell burritos, yet that’s what we’re told to believe.


Aiming for the low-hanging fruit like campaigning politicians, major corporations have all latched onto whatever form their new niche in viral advertising has taken, and are having greater success than ever; selling the same products with fancy new packaging.


The opposite of this approach is simple honesty and integrity, neither of which is too highly revered among big ad agencies.


At Soul Theater Productions, this is the direction we’ve chosen to take our business, and it makes things relatively easy for us. Instead of approaching a business and saying, “Well, we have a terrible product to work with, but let’s see how we can bend that truth to fit our purposes and make money,” we simply choose to work with honest businesses that we believe are doing something genuine. Modern Male is one of these businesses. They’re not hiding behind a catchy slogan or stretching half-truths. What they offer is exactly what you get, and I really hope that message comes across in this new video.


Call us backwards, but it seems more reasonable to start with a great product and to let people know about it, than to start with a bad product and have to manipulate people into buying it through humor and lies. Because in a world where efficiency rules, so should the truth.