Stay cool with these fall hair trends

While we may have a hard time letting go of all the adventures of summer, we should embrace the change that comes with fall. Football returns, kids head back to school, and we begin to focus on the upcoming holiday season. This is a great time to consider a change of your own, namely your hair style. Need some ideas? Keep reading.
Embrace your natural flow. Men can pull off long hair just as well as women. Whether your hair is wavy, curly or straight, you can opt to wear it on the longer side. The trick is to get the right shape and build your style from there. You might be surprised how suave you feel with this new look. Book an appointment today.
Dapper is always in style. It has been proven over the years that women tend to swoon over a sharp dressed man with a well-groomed appearance. There is no reason that man can’t be you! This fall, we are bringing some attitude to dapper. Take Hugh Jackman for example; a perfectly coiffed haircut with a textured finish. This look is created using just the right paste, and a quick use of the blow dryer to add lift. Let us show you how. Schedule your appointment now.

Live on the edge.
Edgy styles are a popular trend in men’s hair this fall, and they’re coming in many variations. Tight fades and sharp lines are of the most sought after haircuts by our Black male community, and gaining widespread popularity. This contemporary look gives you an iconic and clean look while remaining masculine. Let our talented team create just the right amount of edginess to get you noticed. Make an appointment.

Complete the look.
Sideburns are perhaps the most overlooked bit of hair, yet changing them up could be the key to perfecting your style. For as long as you can remember, you have had sideburns that end at mid-ear, but did you know that your hair style and face shape should determine the length of your sideburns? During your next appointment at Modern Male Spa, ask your stylist to help you choose the perfect length. Book now.
We are here to support you in feeling your best all year round. Book an appointment online or call us at (614) 588-0550.