Scoop on Goop 2

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In continuing our quest to provide you with the scoop on goop it is necessary to break down the do’s and don’ts along with the what and why’s of skin care for men.

To start, men’s skin is thicker than women’s and their pores are larger. We then factor in beards and you have what can be perceived as a complex approach to skincare. Our philosophy for all you guys is to keep it simple. Think of skincare like taking care of your car. All you need to do is keep it cleaned and waxed then send it to the mechanic for the occasional tune up/etc.


For home care all you need is to cleanse properly and nourish your skin. It’s that simple. For your tune up see our esthetician quarterly to get an in depth exfoliation and nourishing treatment. So, here is skincare 101 to help keep you looking as great as you feel.


  • Cleansing can be confusing due to the various types of cleansers. Whether to use a cream, foam, soap or gel is all personal preference. Mainly what we need to consider is your skin type and age.

A cleanser with salicylic acid is designed to deep clean your pores. This ingredient breaks up the cells and any tacky build up around the follicles that causes break outs. It has an antibacterial effect and is classified in the same category as aspirin offering anti inflammatory properties. If your skin is sensitive, thin or dry this type of cleanser is not for you. Salicylic cleansers are usually recommended for men in their teens through their 20’s to keep break outs at bay. Another common ingredient is glycolic acid. This is derived from fruit acids and/or sugar cane. Glycolic based cleansers are designed to remove oils and debris from the surface of the skin. While there are stronger levels of glycolic products designed to do surface peels, the levels in facial cleansers are safe to use every day and keep your skin clean and promote healthy cellular regeneration. Another natural and safe cleansing agent is papaya. Papaya grabs tacky build up on your skin and safely pulls it away, most papaya cleansers are safe to use every day and are recommended for those with sensitive skin.


  • Moisturizer?? Yes, you need a moisturizer no matter what age or type of skin you have. But don’t think of this product as a “moisturizer”. Instead consider this step as feed and protect. After you remove the gunk you need to nourish. A common misnomer is that moisturizers cause skin to break out, when actually oil production in your skin can be accelerated by over cleansing and under nourished skin causing breakouts. Choosing the correct moisturizer for your skin type can be very confusing. There are a plethora of ingredients to consider, green tea, hyaluronic acid, oxygen, snow algae, and vitamins a, c, e just to name a few. The main thing to consider is do you need to balance, repair or nourish.


At Modern Male we have all of these bases covered with a wide variety of skincare products designed just for what your skin needs along with an esthetician on staff to answer your questions and assist with your concerns.

Stop spending money on products that just won’t do the job or are not right for you. We invite you to schedule a complimentary skincare analysis with our specialist to get on the right track for taking care of the largest organ in your body, your skin!