Ready. Set. Run.

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The Columbus Marathon and Half-Marathon are just a few weeks away. You have been following your training schedule and have made great progress toward your goals. By now, you have certainly felt the strain of training on your body. Luckily, our treatments are designed to help you recover quicker and help prevent future injuries.

Before the Marathon. Massages can be extremely helpful during periods of heavy training. Consider getting a massage as you reach personal mileage records, faster times, and especially when ramping up for a marathon. Not only will it help your muscles recover for effectively, but can also help prevent future injuries. While it is beneficial to get regular treatments throughout your training, It is best to book your last massage 3 days to 1 week before a marathon to allow your body to fully recover before the race. Our Robust Thai Massage is ideal for runners as it improves circulation, targets muscle scarring, and focuses on increasing flexibility. Schedule your appointment now.

After the Marathon. Post-marathon massages can help you feel like you again. After a big race you are likely to experience extreme soreness which can limit your range of motion. Our Therapeutic Muscular Massage can help relieve this pain by increasing blood flow and flushing out muscle waste products, and by penetrating the layers of the muscle. It is best to wait three to five days after a big run before getting a massage. This allows time for the body to repair itself and soreness to subside. Book now.

We are here to support you and your personal health goals. Book an appointment online or call us at (614) 588-0550.