Put your best foot forward


You are good about keeping up with haircuts, you shave regularly, and you have even gotten a few massages this year. Yet, you may be skipping out on a truly beneficial service – a pedicure. Beyond feeling like a new man, there are a number of benefits to getting a pedicure to improve the wellbeing of your feet.

Maintain your healthy feet. We are proud to announce we are now carrying Gehwol Fusskraft Hydrolipid Lotion to prolong the results of your pedicure. Gehwol is a superior brand in foot care technology with unparalleled innovations, and we are excited to evolve our services to support your wellbeing. Moisturizing your feet regularly will help seal in moisture and prevent cracking. You may also consider soaking your feet in warm water once a week to promote blood circulation. Book an appointment today.

Eliminate foot odor and bacteria. Dirty feet are a breeding ground for bacteria and fungal infections such as Athlete’s Foot which causes discomfort and foot odor. Exfoliation gets rid of any dead skins cells which can host bacterial and fungal infections, while toe nail trimming and cleaning removes built up dirt and bacteria under the nail bed. This is especially important in the rainy season when feet are constantly wet or clammy. Improve the wellbeing of your feet today and schedule your appointment now.

Soften cracked heels. Naturally dry or thick skin around the heel is more likely to crack due to excessive activity, long periods of standing, or walking on hard floors. Continuous exposure to water can also lead to cracked heels as the water pulls away the natural oils in the skin. Cracked heels can be painful and embarrassing. As part of your pedicure, your practitioner will use a foot file or pumice stone to buff away the thick, dry, cracked layers of skin and apply a problem-solving moisturizer to soften and nourish the newly exposed skin. Make an appointment.

We are here to make sure you put your best foot forward. Book an appointment online or call us at (614) 588-0550.