Preparing for Pelotonia?

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Pelotonia is just around the corner. Research has shown that athletes who receive therapeutic massages before large amounts of exertion are more likely to perform better and less likely to injure themselves. Whether you or someone you know is participating, we’re here to support our community in health and wellness. In preparation for the big race, we are offering Thai yoga massages designed specifically to improve your athletic performance, reduce risk of injury, and provide you with a relaxing experience before taking to the streets.

Licensed and trained. Our Thai yoga massage specialists are licensed and trained in the work. If you haven’t ever had a Thai massage, you must give it a try. Thai massage is one in which all clothing is kept on and the practitioner moves your entire body into rhythmic motions in order to relieve stress, improve extension and flexibility, and revitalize key internal organs. Schedule your appointment now.

Oxygenate. Thai yoga massage increases circulation within your body. This allows oxygen and nutrients to pass more freely throughout the body. Moreover, Thai yoga massage will support in faster delivery of glucose and electrolytes as well as the removal of metabolic waste. All of these benefits lead to a healthier and happier athlete. Book your appointment now.

Increase flexibility and reduce potential injury. Our practitioners will work intently on delivering comfortable stretching as you are put into various positions and movements. By the end of your session you will find that you can reach and stretch just a little further than before. Planning for a massage before your Pelotonia race will allow you to move more freely and decrease your risk of injury. Schedule your appointment now.

We are here to support you in looking and feeling your best. Book an appointment online or call us at (614) 588-0550.