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If you are one who finds that his 5 o’clock shadow appears much earlier than 5 pm, or you simply are tired of ingrown hairs or dried out skin after shaving, we have a solution for you. The badger hair shaving brush is not just for those reviving past decades. It is an essential piece of a dapper man’s shaving routine that renders results that no new high-tech razor can create. Here are the three benefits a man receives when he adds a badger brush to his shaving routine:

Lather. When mixing shaving cream and water with a badger hair brush, you are able to create a much thicker lather than you would if just using your fingers. This allows for you to use less product while also creating a better cream, resulting in the perfect close shave.

Exfoliation. As you apply your shaving cream with your badger hair brush, you are gently exfoliating, removing dead skin cells and any dirt that could lead to outbreaks. The use of the badger brush’s coarse hollow hairs will lead to softer, more supple skin.

Lift. Perhaps, the most valued aspect of the badger brush is its ability to lift up the hair and stubble off your face – allowing your facial hair to be more upright and stand in the thick lather. This preparation renders a close shave, mitigates ingrown hairs and breakouts, all while adding a little bit of dapper man style into your routine.

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