Let it grow! Let it grow!

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We are excited to see so many of you join us in supporting ‘Mustache Movember’! If you have been working on growing your beard or mustache since the first of the month, you are probably inspecting it daily, trying to decide if you can keep it going all month. Let us provide you with encouragement and guidance – let the mustache and beard grow!
In the early stages of growing facial hair, you may experience itching. This is perfectly normal as your skin adjusts to your new style. While this phase is temporary, consider giving your beard special attention until it subsides. Use a gentle shampoo daily, and add a bit of conditioner if necessary. Modern Male’s Beard Oil works wonders to moisturize facial hair and the skin beneath. Additionally, it doubles as a styling product, making your beard look healthy and groomed. Order a bottle online, or pick one up during your next visit. 
Whether you have already achieved a full beard, or just a bit of a shadow, every look benefits from proper shaping. It can be difficult to maintain symmetry when attempting to groom at home – let one of Modern Male’s Beard Masters help determine the appropriate neck and cheek lines for your new look. We can also assist with mustache sculpts, and overall beard style. Throughout your visit, your stylist will provide personalized tips for maintaining growth and your desired shape at home. It is much easier to maintain a look after a professional cut, so come in every 2-3 weeks to get it back in shape. Book your appointment today.
You are not alone in this effort. In the month of November, Modern Male is donating 50% of all proceeds from all beard and mustache trims to the Movember movement. We care about our clients and their overall health, and believe this is a worthwhile cause we can all stand behind. Book an appointment.
Join us in supporting Movember! Learn more at movember.com. To officially participate, sign up here or donate.