Graduation is upon us, and whether you have a grad at home, or are the graduate, there are many shifts on the horizon. Set yourself up for success by following these tips as you are interviewing potential employees, or you are being interviewed yourself:

Clothing. For an interview or business meeting, wear a two piece suit in black, dark grey, or navy with a conservative long-sleeved button down shirt, such as white, blue, or a conservative pattern. Ties should be of good quality, and provide only a pop of color. Do not wear a pre-tied tie. Don’t know how to tie a tie? Watch this video.

Clean, well shaped nails. Your handshake reveals a great deal about you. Don’t let that stop you from closing a getting the job. Take care of your nails and hands with routine Modern Male manicures. Book your appointment now.

Shoes. It is always important to invest in a good pair of dress shoes. Whether they are leather lace-ups or slip-ons, make sure they are well polished and in good shape. Be sure to match the leather color of your shoes to the leather color of your belt.

Hair. Traditionally, men should be clean shaven for an interview. If you choose to keep your facial hair for the interview, be sure it is trimmed, well groomed, and neat. We offer beard trimming as well as beard oil to tame your mane. As for hairstyles, book a Modern Male hair appointment 2-3 days before your interview, so you look at your very best. Also talk to your stylist about using product on a daily basis, especially on your interview day. Product is key to keeping your hair looking great throughout the day and giving it the texture and volume you desire. Book your appointment now.

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