It’s summer! Feel cool while looking hot.


Yesterday was the first official day of summer. As the seasons change, so should your hair product. Modern Male has everything you need to feel cool while looking hot.

Don’t let humidity get the best of you. During these warm months, you may find that your hair product and Ohio’s humidity can weigh down your style. Conversely, you may find that without product, your hair becomes fluffy and difficult to control. Come into Modern Male and our stylists will set you up with exactly the right product for your hair texture and the summer heat. Book your appointment now.

Avoid breakouts. Do you find that you are sweating off your product? Don’t let product pastes run on your face, forehead and neck. This runoff can leave stains on your shirt collar and breakouts on your skin. Switching to a different product can help, as well as using a cleansing face wipe to keep clothes and pores clean. Consult with a Modern Male stylist regarding what products will keep you and your style looking fresh all summer long. Book your appointment now.

The perfect product for you. When it comes to the summer, there are many great products that are all designed for specific hair types, textures and styles. Modern Male offers sculpting sprays for hold and texture, and other light weight products designed for these summer months. Come on in and get matched with the right product that will keep you looking hotter than the summer sun. Book your appointment now.

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We are here to support you in looking and feeling your best, all summer long. Book an appointment online or call us at (614) 588-0550.