Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

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The 2016 US Open Tennis Championship is underway in New York City, and we can’t help but notice how physically demanding the sport is. Whether you are an avid player or only dabble in tennis, you are likely to experience the physical strain all the same. At Modern Male, we can support you off the court to improve your next match as well as minimize the wear and tear on your body. Our massage therapists will target and customize your treatment to meet your needs.

No Pain, All Gain. The repetitive motions required by the sport of tennis can wreck havoc on your muscles. Massage therapy gets your blood moving, which helps to remove painful metabolic waste that can accumulate in the muscles due to repetitive motions such as practicing your swing. In addition, targeting muscle tissue can relieve chronic muscular pain such as the infamous Tennis Elbow. Our Therapeutic Muscular Message can improve your game. Book an appointment today.

Back in the Swing of Things. Flexibility increases when your body is loose and relaxed. Greater range of motion results in better fluidity of motion, increased power, and ultimately improved performance. Maintaining joint flexibility makes you less prone to sprains and strains, and will help reduce soreness after each workout. Regular treatments of our Robust Thai Massage should do the trick. Schedule your appointment now.

Quiet the Racket. A few hours at Modern Male is certain to bring you zen. Lower your anxiety, stress, and busy mind to improve your mental focus. Our Deep Relaxation Massage uses aroma therapy and warmth to ease you into a state of bliss. Additionally, every service includes extra perks including a warm beverage, wine and beer offerings, and in case it will help you rest easy – WiFi is available in our lounge. Make an appointment.

We are here to support you in feeling your best so you can continue doing the things you love. Book an appointment online or call us at (614) 588-0550.