Summer is upon us and the courses are looking better than ever. In honor of the Memorial Golf Tournament, we are focused on ways to support the novice and professional golfer in improving performance on and off the course.

A full body exercise. Golf may seem like little movement is involved to the unassuming bystander, but golfers know that it takes full body strength and movement to develop a good stroke of the club. And those who fail to notice this, may find themselves with unnecessary pain and bad golf habits.

Peak performance. A PGA veteran, Jerry Impellittiere (age 53), said “I went for a massage initially because I had very tight muscles which were affecting my game. The deep-tissue massage I got… worked right away, elongating my muscles and really helping with my flexibility.” Book your deep tissue massage now.

Get back in the game. Some golf lovers may have stopped or decreased how often they get on the green due to pain. Key stretches and massage therapy can support you in playing the game you love after some care. Michael Gesmundo, who faced a traumatic car accident said the following, “[My massage therapist] works on all musculature that affects my golf game… It really alleviates the pain, especially deep-tissue massage. I may start out a bit sore when I first begin playing, but after a little bit of stretching, I can pretty much play pain-free.” Book your massage therapy now.
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