Dry Scalp? Don’t get caught with flakes on your shoulders this winter


Don’t let winter have you caught with some ‘snowflakes’ of your own on the shoulders of your cashmere sweater. We at Modern Male are prepared to get your scalp acclimated to the dry air and low temperatures.

When you come in for your next Ultimate Hair Cut, add on a scalp treatment for only $15 that will rejuvenate your skin and prevent dandruff. Book your appointment now by calling 614.558.0550.

Don’t stop there. Fight symptoms of a dry scalp at home each day. When you come in, ask your stylist about pairing our Jojoba Shampoo with Unific Energy Moisturizer to keep oils in your scalp balanced and free of flakes. These products are pH balanced and charged to provide optimal hydration for dry scalp as well as balance the effects of an oily scalp caused by harsh products. Call 614.558.0550 now to learn more.