Don’t let grey stand in your way.


Powerful people know how to utilize all the tools around them to get the job done in excellence. Well, at Modern Male, we do the same thing. Don’t let a little grey stand in your way. Be the confident, proud, and powerful man you are. With a little Modern Male touch, you can trim off a few years with our custom color services designed for the debonaire man:

Our little secret. Want to get rid of pesky grey hair, but don’t want to show up to work to find everyone whispering by the water cooler about your new do? Don’t you worry. Modern Male stylists know how to conceal as much or as little grey hair as you desire. Over time, we can make slight progressions to cover and dye greys, so even the person who’s desk is nearest you won’t catch on to what you’re up to. Book your appointment now.

Camouflaging. The cut is just as important as the color. Don’t make the mistake of getting boxed dye and leaving your hair with lines of evidence after your next cut. All of our stylists are trained to work exclusively on men’s hair for both cut and color. We can camouflage and blend your style and dye to leave you looking more youthful and natural than you could imagine. Book your appointment now.

Lasting effects. Our custom designed dye system will support you in concealing greys for 3-5 weeks depending on your hair type and texture. And with the right shampoos and product, you can keep your hair looking healthy, revitalized and well kept all year long.

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We are here to support you in looking and feeling your best, one grey at a time. Book an appointment online or call us at (614) 588-0550.