Scoop on Goop

It is worth noting before we try to dig into the what and why of products for your hair to start by letting you know that products intended to cleanse or beautify are generally regulated as cosmetics.  These products and their ingredients are not subject to FDA premarket approval.


Recently there seems to be more and more consumer action to become hyperaware of the chemicals that make up personal hygiene products. Calling attention to one of the most popular ingredients in shampoo, sulfates. There has also been an unfounded rumor that sulfates are cancer causing has been floating around for decades. The fact is that sulfates in shampoos are at a low concentration and most doctors and health agencies view sulfates in shampoos as safe. Sulfates are used as a cleansing agent and offer lathering properties. There are many compositions of sulfates with varying levels of concentration. If you suffer from eczema or allergies you may be sensitive to sulfates and should explore shampoos that use alternative cleansing agents.


Many of you ask, “Do I really need to use a conditioner?”.

It’s probably best to start by explaining what a conditioner does.

Under a microscope hair strands are flaky looking. Ingredients in hair conditioners are positively charged to attract to the deficient, flaky hair strands. By supplying this energy, your hair strands are stronger and have more elasticity to support finishing products and your desired hairstyle.


Crème, Paste, Pomade, Clay, Gel, Mousse……… to decide.

Well, it is not easy. But rest assured that your stylist uses a vast array of finishing products every day. It is through this use and knowledge of hair types and textures that their recommendations for your finishing products are substantiated. There are many different ingredients used in finishing products to help hold your hair in place. You will typically find polymers in gels and mousses. These are usually in a liquid form and harden when they are exposed to the air. Polymers offer strong holding power but when the bonds are broken so is your hairstyle. Crèmes are typically used to give soft hold and you will often find dimethicone, or a derivative of, in them to smooth the hair strand.

Pastes, pomades and clays are in the same class but all have different finishes on different hair types. The main thing to keep in mind is: petroleum or water based. Petroleum based products give amazing hold but need to be removed with a shampoo designed to dissolve and lift them from the hair. Water based products can be broken down and lifted away from the hair strand with out the assistance of a shampoo and therefore will not build up on the hair.


It is also necessary to discuss diversion in the hair industry. Beware when you see professional hair products in discount or mass marking venues. You may not be getting what you believe to be a higher level hair care products. Consumer Affairs has sited many occasions when professional hair care products being sold by mass marketers were out of date, missing batch codes and counterfeit. Many times the products were also being sold at a higher price than suggested by the manufacturer in a salon.


The definition of integrity is: adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. Why guess or take chances in deciding what to use on your hair and scalp. Trust your stylist and honor their recommendations as your hair care expert and partner in your personal grooming.


Stay tuned for “Scoop on Goop, part 2, Skincare”

Halloween Make-up Specialist

Calling all Zombies!

Boo! It’s almost Halloween and Modern Male is going to help you look the part! Regardless if you’re taking the kids Trick-Or-Treating, heading to a party, or attending Dublin’s Halloween Spooktacular, our staff is here to make your costume one to remember!

One way to make your outfit stand out more is through the application of make-up. Whether you’re going for scary, weird, realistic, or funny, Modern Male’s esthetician can bring your zombie fantasies to life. Through the use of liquid latex and cosmetic effects, we can apply scars, blood, or…

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Fall Trends

Setting the Trend

Clothes, tattoos, and jewelry are all unique ways to express yourself. However, these items are not always key when it comes to fashion. In fact, your hairstyle can at times be the missing link to a distinguished look and, lucky for you, hair is Modern Male’s specialty.

Become a trend-setter this fall by trying something different. After all, the stylists at Modern Male love what they do and can help guide you in the right direction. At times, a new look can be accomplished by something as simple as trying…

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Dublin Chili Cookoff 2018

Around The Town: Fall Edition


Family Festivals

Get ready to kick off Autumn with some family fun! Throughout the month of October, the Dublin community will celebrate the transition into fall with many events. For starters, The Historic Dublin Business Association will bring the 1st annual Family Fall Festival to the Historic District. Taking place on Saturday, October 13th (1:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.), the festival will feature many activities including live entertainment, trick or treating at local businesses, food, a fire truck, and much more! A list of vendors and events can…

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What’s up, Pumpkin?

Pumpkin….pies, lattes, and everything in between, a sure sign that fall is on the horizon! However, did you know that pumpkin contains many key properties that benefit the skin? As we transition into autumn, you may begin to notice the damage left from the sunny summer months. It’s time to give your skin a treat by using the perfect ingredient of the season – a pumpkin peel in our Bio-Targeted Facial!

Pumpkin is packed with fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which increase cell turnover to brighten and smooth…

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Before and After

Why Does Hair Grey?

Grey hair. Two words that you try not to think about… but it eventually creeps up on you with time. Regardless if you want to prolong your natural hair color or embrace the silver fox look, there are many questions to address. Why does hair grey? Can I prevent it? What are my options?
As we grow older, the pigment cells in our hair follicles gradually die. When there are fewer pigment cells in a hair follicle, the strand of hair will no longer contain as much melanin and will…

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We Salute You!

We Salute You!

If you were to ask someone where they were on September 11th, 2001, most people could give you an exact answer. The attack that took place resulted in 2,977 causalities and its effects echo throughout our country to this day. As a defining moment in American history, it is always important to recognize and honor those who lost their lives.
In gratitude to all of our men in uniform, Modern Male would like to take HALF OFF a one-hour massage…giving you the opportunity to get some well-deserved rest and relaxation!
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Can you be more flexible?

Modern Male is proud to be offering our Muscular Mobility Massage. This massage is targeted to increase mobility and flexibility in the body by stretching muscular groups to release negative energy and open those muscles to build overall strength.

This process will not only build overall strength and flexibility, but it will lessen the possibility of injury. When the muscles become overworked, they hold on to negative energy, building an imbalance in your overall body functioning.

While designed for athletes, you do not have to be an athlete to reap the…

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Want more flexibility?

Introducing Modern Male’s newest massage therapy treatment: Muscular Mobility Massage. We are very excited to release this to you and are offering an introductory session at half off!

Your initial muscular mobility massage must be 90 minutes for our therapist to assess your body and all muscle groups. Then our therapists can put a program together for your individual needs as well as help you to reach your goals.

Whether it is to improve your golf drive, tennis swing, competition time, or flexibility, our therapist will design a program that will…

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Tips and Tricks: Styling Techniques

Two simple tools that you probably already have are a comb and a blow dryer.  As shown in the picture, put the concentrator attachment on the end of your blow dryer to control where the air flow hits the hair. Jason, our stylist, prefers to use a comb rather than a brush for this style and many others because most brushes grab too much hair and are harder to control. Using a comb will allow maximum air flow and provide more ease of controlling where you want the hair…

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