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Today, Modern Male is proud to announce our new and improved comprehensive list of massage services! You asked and we delivered!


We have spent the last three months doing research, taking workshops, educating ourselves on the most advanced techniques and methods, and becoming absolute experts in massage therapy. We listened to what you wanted, and are proud to deliver only the best message you can find – exclusively for men.


In celebration of our new massage menu, we are now offering up to 50% off of any massage service. So, book an appointment today and experience the full range that Modern Male has to offer.

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Deep Relaxation Massage

60/75/90 minutes | $80/$90/$105
Get set up and ready to relax like you never thought you could. In this experience you will be guided to let go of stress while your body is taken to a state of deep relaxation through massage. Your therapist will use aromatherapy and warmth to assist in their expertise to allow you to let go and de-stress.

Therapeutic Muscular Massage

60/75/90 minutes | $85/$95/$110
The focus on this massage is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia. Fascia is the protective layer around the bones, muscles and joints. Deeper pressure and cryotherapy lotion is used to relieve chronic muscular pain. Anyone will benefit from this massage especially if you are one that is rigorous with your workouts or tends to store toxins/stress in your muscles.

Heated River Stone Massage

75/90 minutes | $95/$120
Our therapists use river rocks to warm your muscle which relaxes the tissue allowing massage manipulations to create stronger release of toxins stored in your muscle mass. This process is extremely effective for those with dense muscle mass or thick fascia. If you are one that says massage really does nothing for me. This one is for you!

Robust Thai Massage

75/90 minutes | $85/$120
Where do we begin…Thai massage has so many benefits. It increases flexibility, mobility, circulation, immunities, body tone and overall athletic performance. In this massage you will remain clothed. Please wear yoga or workout type clothing. Your body will be guided in deep stretches by a trained expert to release joint pain creating strength in your body and spine. This massage is for men especially and is not to be missed!

Four Handed Massage 

75 minutes | $160
Designed for intense muscular and fascia work. Two therapists take your joints and muscles through a rigorous but relaxing massage. The use of cranial sacral release, trigger point therapy and acupressure are incorporated simultaneously for powerful results. Must be booked in advance.

Aroma Therapy Back Treatment

30 minutes | $55
Your back will never feel so great! In this 30 minute massage a series of aroma touch essential oils are massaged into the spine creating an invigorating experience. The oils are layered to build intensity for pain release as well as improved spinal health. Enjoy this experience alone or add to any massage or facial.

Neck/Shoulder/Back Massage

30 minutes | $45 ($30 if added to Ultimate Cut)
Get those kinks and knots worked out of the area you carry stress the most. This massage can stand alone, or added to a haircut for only $30.

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We are here to support you in your wellness and ensure you look and feel your best each and every day. Book an appointment online or call us at (614) 588-0550.