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First impressions are everything. In business, hand shakes can create initial and lasting impressions of how you show up to others. Set yourself up for success with this week’s MM tips:

Stand when you go to shake hands. Don’t make the mistake of extending a shake while seated. Out of respect and courtesy, always stand. Traditionally, the person of higher rank should offer the handshake first and both parties should rise and shake, then be seated.

Take care of your nails. Your handshake reveals a great deal about you. Have chewed nail edges and painful and raw hang nails? Don’t let that stop you from closing a deal or forging a new partnership. Take care of your nails and hands with routine Modern Male manicures. Book your appointment now.

Make a lasting connection. A proper handshake is one where the web of your hand meets the web of the person you are greeting. Look at the person’s eyes, make a firm connection, shake several times, and release.

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